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The Inexplicables bring something truly original to live dance music. Effortlessly blending styles ranging from Hip Hop and Reggae to Jungle and Drum ‘n’ Bass. With soulful vocals and insightful rhymes fronting heavyweight beatbox, infectious basslines and virtuosic horns, The Inexplicables are ready to light up the dancefloor!
Now a seasoned outfit they regularly tour throughout the UK and Europe, performing at renowned festivals and venues such as Boomtown Fair, Secret Garden Party, Mandrea (Italy), Fuego a la Isla (Germany), Wilwarin (Germany), The Troubadour (London), The Fleece (Bristol) and HiFi Club (Leeds), honing their distinctive sound and building a loyal fanbase along the way...
The Inexplicables’ first release in 2013 was The Explanation - a 10 track album that marked their introduction to the UK music scene with their own original blend. Containing crowd favourites such as ‘Ravin Raven’, ‘The Inexplicably Sharp Bag’ and their nod to Europe’s most southerly point ‘Tarifa’. The Explanation proved the catalyst for their trajectory as a band, who found themselves in high demand at venues and festivals across the country.
2016 saw the release of their sophomore LP ‘Proper Gander’ - a beautifully constructed musical journey, complete with a 16-page booklet of sublime artwork and lyrics. Proper Gander reflected their evolution as a band and as a group of friends, refining their craft into the Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass and Reggae-inspired music that they are renowned for today. Arguably their two most popular songs ‘Warrior’ and ‘Crazy Lady’ both appear on this album and are festival favourites across the UK and Europe.
In 2017 they released ‘Proper Gander Remixed’ which gave producers from across the world the opportunity to reimagine the songs through their own eyes. With producers from Australia to France, UK to Austria this album is full of delightful and wide-ranging electronic reinterpretations, with Jungle, Liquid, Dub and Half Step being just a few examples of the styles present.
Now in 2019 comes the eagerly-awaited new offering ‘Audio Eyes’. A four track EP that continues their rich development as a band and reinforces their reputation as a real force to behold in live dance music. Dark and broody bass-driven works that will equally satisfy the cravings of a dance-hungry crowd as it will the attentive listener looking for lyrical depth and innovative musicianship.
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