The Inexplicables logo, Proper Gander cover, Bristol Band

The Inexplicables are a Bristol group specialising in a unique blend of live dance music, championing fresh takes on hip hop, reggae and drum and bass, with hints of jungle, jazz and roots.

"In short it is dance music, but not as the mainstream media would recognise it, this is world and indeed worldly dance music, a sort of universal currency that could be exported anywhere on the globe and be recognised for just how encompassing it is, not to mention brilliant."

Dave Franklin,

Audio Eyes

Track from the Audio Eyes' EP

Release due 2020

Video produced by Chris Lucas

Do Your Bit

(Chris Lucas Remix)

Track from the 'Proper Gander Remixed' LP

Video and remix produced by Chris Lucas

Crazy Lady

Footage filmed @ Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair and Small World Festival 2014


Video produced by Black Light Production

Weightless Scribes

 Track from the album 'Proper Gander'

Animation by Jo at Room Fifty Nine -


Track from the album 'Proper Gander'

Video produced by Chris Lucas